Treat Yourself
Our services can be scheduled as individual goodies or in luxurious combinations.
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Enjoy a Massage

Let us ease away your tension with gentle, relaxing massage strokes. Swedish massage calms the nervous system and boosts circulation, immune function and endorphin production in the body. This massage will leave you feeling relaxed and invigorated. Staying healthy never felt so good.
RATES: 30 min/$40, 60 min/$60, 90 min/$90
package discounts

The focus of a deep tissue massage is to alleviate muscle pain and restore structural balance. Our therapists will gradually ease their way into the deeper tissues of your body, working out trouble spots by loosening tight muscles and softening connective tissues.
RATES: 30 min/$40, 60 min/$60, 90 min/$90
package discounts

Warmth from naturally formed river stones enhance the effects of this popular massage. Heated stones are strategically placed under and on your body to promote relaxation and healing, while others are used to massage your back and limbs. Energy and heat differentiate this treatment from other massages and keep clients coming back.
RATES: 60 min/$70, 90 min/$100
package discounts

A happier mom makes a healthier baby. Moms-to-be will love curling up in soft pillows while their changing bodies are massaged to blissful comfort. Find relief from back aches and sciatic pain as expert hands work their magic.
RATES: 30 min/$40, 60 min/$60, 90 min/$90
package discounts

Enhance your performance and speed your recovery when you take advantage of our therapeutic sports massage. By loosening tight muscle fibers and enhancing the blood flow, we’ll increase the capacity of mission-critical muscle groups. We’ll help runners with tight hams and IT bands. Swimmers, we’ll take care of your lats. Bikers we’ll tend to your sore quads and posterior neck muscles. Then we’ll send you back out there to do what you love!
RATES: 30 min/$40, 60 min/$60, 90 min/$90
package discounts

Busy schedule? We can reduce tension in your neck and shoulders in just a few minutes with a clothed, seated chair massage.
RATES: 15 min/$15

Give your guests or clients something to rave about at your next event by offering them rejuvenating chair massage. Call us for pricing and availability.

Package Discounts
                         3 Sessions     5 Sessions     7 Sessions     10 Sessions
30 Minutes         $114             $175               $231              $300
60 Minutes         $174             $275               $371              $500
90 Minutes         $264             $425               $581              $800
Hot Stone Package Discounts
                         3 Sessions     5 Sessions     7 Sessions     10 Sessions
30 Minutes         $144             $225               $301              $400
60 Minutes         $204             $325               $441              $600
90 Minutes         $294             $475               $651              $900

Care for Your Skin
A clear, healthy complexion is the result of the right care. Visit our trained aestheticians for any of the following treatments and you’ll also receive recommendations for the best daily regimen for your skin type and lifestyle.

Women of the world stay young looking and fresh-faced with this time-honored beauty therapy. Cleansing and exfoliation prepare your skin to absorb all the benefits of a nutrient-rich mask. Relax for 45 minutes to an hour while your skin is healed and fortified. Then we’ll get your blood moving with a gentle massage of your face, neck and shoulders. A final refreshing rinse lets you face the day with renewed confidence.

This 30-minute version of our European Facial is perfect for women on the go. Cleansing, exfoliation, mask and light massage get you through your tight schedule with radiance.

Active enzymes restore acne-prone skin to optimal health and clarity with this dynamic peel. A preparatory cleanse is followed by the application of meticulously formulated enzymes which dissolve dead skin cells and oily debris. Next a cooling mask targets existing acne, reducing inflammation and redness. Finally, a special tonic polishes the skin to reduce pores, balance PH levels, and reveal a glowing complexion.

This treatment turns back the clock using the naturally hydrating properties of the sea. Our special formulae, applied in synergistic layers, are appropriate for all skin types.

Layer #1:Seaweed filtrate is made up of plump greens from the ocean. Applied as a concentrate, it rebalances and tones delicate facial tissue.

Layer #2:Hydrating cream is massaged into your skin with a three-movement technique to increase circulation and enhance nutrient absorption.

Layer #3:A seaweed mask is freshly prepared while the hydrating cream does its work, then generously applied to coax toxins out of your pores.

Layer #4:The grand finale, a mineral mask, creates natural warmth to re-energize the seaweed mask beneath and penetrates to improve overall skin tone.

An intense, moisturizing technique, the paraffin facial is ideal for dry skin but not recommended for those with sensitivities. Following a preparatory cleanse and light exfoliation, a warm paraffin mask layer is applied to open pores and promote absorption of nutrients and moisture into your skin. Your dermis will be hydrated and your cells replenished, resulting in soft, firm skin and a healthy glow. Allow 75 minutes.

Beautify Your Eyes
Add stunning and lasting drama to your best feature.

Semi-permanent colors
Brow Tinting                  $20
Eyelash Tinting              $20

Eyelash Extensions        $175
Touch-ups                      $50

Treat Your Body
Add stunning and lasting drama to your best feature.

This invigorating rubdown will exfoliate smog, residue and dead epidermal cells revealing radiant new skin. The energetic technique will stimulate circulation and leave you feeling hyper-alive.

A variation on the body scrub using sea salts and your choice of aroma such as lemon or lavender.

A variation on the body scrub using a brown sugar exfoliate and your choice of peppermint, rosemary or another of our current choices.

This is how the ancients enjoyed their day of beauty. A special formula of all-natural ingredients will detoxify your skin while you lie back and relax. Feel all the impurities rinse away, then resume your day with vigor and clarity.

Perfect Your Nails
Pretty hands and feet will put a spring in your step and a smile on your face.

Manicure                    $18
French Manicure        $23
Pedicure                     $30
French Pedicure        $35
Mani/Pedi                   $45
French Mani/Pedi       $55
Paraffin Treatment     Hands $10        Feet $12
Polish Change           Hands $10        Feet $15

Remove Hair
Completely remove unwanted hair and leave your skin smooth for weeks.

Lip                $10
Brow             $15
Chin              $15
Full Face      $40
Half Leg        $35
Half Arm        $30
Full Leg         $55
Full Arm        $45
Underarm      $25
Bikini             $30
Brazilian        $75
Full Back       $65
Chest             $65

If permanent removal of unwanted hair is your goal, the state-of-the-art laser technology available at our Oswego location is the safe and effective solution. By directing a pulse of highly concentrated light into the hairs’ roots, we are able to vaporize their pigment and drastically impair—if not eliminate—their ability to regenerate.

While the slight tingling sensation experienced during this process is well tolerated by most, your comfort is always a high priority. Cool-on-contact laser diodes are always used, and topical anesthesia is available for those who wish it.

Within three and ten days after your first visit (depending on your hair and skin types) all the treated hair will fall out, leaving perfect, unmarred skin. Because the laser effects each of the three phases of hair growth differently, the best way to remove all hair permanently is to return for two additional treatments on a strategically planned schedule.

Treatment Area        SingleTreatment       PackageTreatment
Lip                            $98                            $268
Chin                          $98                            $268
Face                         $148                          $405
Male Beard               $198                          $545
Underarm                  $148                          $405
Full Leg                     $348                          $950
Thigh                         $198                          $550
Lower Leg                 $198                         $550
Bikini                          $148                        $405
Back                          $348                          $950
Shoulder                    $198                          $550
Abdomen                   $298                          $810
Flank                          $248                         $680

Free Laser Consultation
Sit down with a licensed Laser Technician to learn more about our process, and how your specific skin and hair type will respond to laser treatments.